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The 6 steps to writing an Economic Essay

The 6 steps to writing an Economic Essay

The 6 Steps to Writing an Economics Essay: An Economics Essay Writing Help

Economic majors work with a lot of factual information. This information helps them to understand the world around them and offer solutions to problems in our society. One way that they showcase these problems and a directive to counter them are through an essay.

In an essay, they have to analyze those problems by displaying the factual information, statistics and secondary data they collect and then describe their ideas from these sources which they are influenced by.

Choosing a Framework

The framework consists of three stages.

They are planning, writing and editing. Each of these stages helps you to write an economics essay writing help that is structurally remarkable and helps get ideas across. Taking your time to understand this framework and then applying it helps create an essay that can elucidate intricate ideas.

How to Plan for an Essay

For the essay to be executed well you need to be aware of the criteria of your instructor. This means you should be aware on what basis he is going to award your grade. Secondly, you need to choose a topic that can maximize the potential of the grade awarding criteria. Thirdly, you need to know how to research. Lastly, you need to know how to compile your research.

Being informed about Assessment Criteria

Avoid rushing into the writing assignment and instead, look at the requirements of the task. Understanding how your instructor is going to mark you is important because it helps you narrow down your approach on what you will be writing. If you are confused about the instructions your essay will reflect that. Approach your instructor or simply ask a friend if you need more clarity about the instructions.

Choosing the Right Topic

You were given an established criterion that you must follow. In this case, remember to select a topic which can be presented in a variety of ways while you are writing your essay. This might often mean doing a topic you might not know much about in that case you should remember that you are doing this assignment to learn something new about the world.

Important Steps to Writing a Good Essay

While taking your time while research can be fruitful, moving on to the writing stage should be your priority. Hence, it is recommended that you must try being efficient while researching but how can you do that?

Do not read everything that you find on the internet thoroughly. Rather glossing over information that you have access to and using whatever you feel can help reinforce your argument or add a new layer to your case is a better approach.

On a second level, try to make sure that your essay has easy to track down sources to the factual information that you state. It is advised that you use Google Search. It as your primary resource can help in figuring out the important keywords and the background of the topic. You can then move forward to using these keywords in Academic Databases to find more references to support relevant ideas in your essay.

It is also crucial to remember researching your information from diverse websites gives you an edge. Different websites will give their own two cents on issues present in your topic area or the context to the topic your researching. This is the reason why giving an informed take of all perspectives in your essay is significant.      

1. Formatting your compiled research:

A plethora of instructors asks their pupils to format their sources by using a bibliography which makes rectifying the authenticity of the sources easier and gives you a summary of how the data is presented in your essay. You must also keep in mind that all of the sources of your information should be bookmarked.

2. Writing the task:

With ample research out of the way, we must move on to the writing process. The writing process consists of creating a thesis statement, outline and using these two elements to write your essay.

3. Using a thesis statement:

The thesis statement is basically the main line of argument that you would be trying to put forward through your essay. It can also be your take on the argument. In most arguments, you need to show why you are being logical and your thesis statement should allow you to do that.

You are required to make sure that your thesis statement is not vague. It needs to be specific and definitive so your instructor can understand your take and try to argue in his head with it. After you have created your thesis statement ask a senior or fellow peer about it, take their advice on if your thesis statement seems great and if it is following the criteria.

4. Creating an impeccable Outline:

If your instructor specifically wants to have a look at your outline, you must follow the requirements of the criteria he has set out for your class. An outline is a summary of the structure of your essay once it is completed. While you are in the process of outlining consider what more ways could you use to present an argument.

5. Going into the writing process:

At this stage, you just have to present the information you compiled. Do not stress out about using the perfect words, errors in language or using statistics which were not credited in the bibliography on the reference page. You can do all of this at the end of the essay while revising your work when you are done with the writing process.

6. Giving the final touch:

This stage drastically improves your grade, consisting of only editing your content, ideas and grammar in the essay. After which you can submit it.

7. Clearing out the road:

You must try to ensure that the ideas of your essay are clear. Revising how the paragraphs are arranged is another strong reminder. For revising Grammar and punctuation errors use apps like Grammarly which can make the text easier to follow. Remember to ask your friends, senior or any expert present to give advice and go through your essay before submission.