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How to write a research paper

How to write a research paper

How to Write a Research Paper: The Ultimate Research Paper Writing Help Guide

There is no denying that writing research papers when you start college is tough. If you are reading this before starting to write one, you are one step closer to acing the process. Here we are going to show you how you can create an insightful research paper.

Down below are some solid pointers on how you can do a pretty good job when it comes to writing a research paper. Remember research writing may seem like a lot of effort at the start but for a college student, it lays the foundation for how he should pursue his mode of study.

Why use a technique to write a Research Paper Writing Help?

The approach that you take will decide how your research paper is going to turn out. It is advised that you take your time with the thought process and the ways mentioned below because that not only gives you the necessary framework for completing the task but also prepares you for writing a well-rounded research paper. The technique of writing a near-perfect research paper has been divided into three parts below:

How to prepare for the task?

Preparation, before you start writing a research paper, is essential. This preparation should be in four stages:

Researching how you are going to be assessed:

It is not wrong to assume a lot of students get a low grade simply because they did not thoroughly read the marking criteria or just glossed over the instructions that were necessary to get a high grade on the assignment.

A simple solution is to avoid rushing into the writing assignment and instead look at the requirements of the task. Understanding how your instructor is going to mark is crucial because it helps you tailor your approach for the essay. If you are not clear on the instructions it is very much likely that the direction of your essay is not going to be satisfactory. Approach your instructor if you need more instructions about the criteria.

Choose a topic that you can do well:

Since you have criteria that you must religiously follow remember to select a topic which can be presented in multiple facets while you are writing your research paper. This might even mean doing a topic you are not very passionate about in that case you should remind yourself that you are doing this assignment to learn something new about the world.

Starting to research:

While taking your time with researching is important. Moving on to the writing process as soon as possible takes precedence. So being efficient while research should be a priority but how can you do that?

Start by glossing over information that you have access to then simply extract whatever you feel is relevant that can help build a foundation to your argument.

Secondly, ensure that your essay has verifiable and reliable references. You also can use Google Search as your primary resource figure out the relevant keywords and the background of the topic. You can then use these keywords for searches in Academic Databases to find reliable references and sources.

Lastly and most importantly try to research your information diversely. Different sites will give their own individual take on issues or the topic your researching. That is why giving an informed response of all perspectives in your essay is important.         

Formatting your compiled research:

Most instructors ask their students to make a bibliography which makes verification of the research accessible and gives you an overview of how the information is reflected in your essay. Remember to keep all of the sources of your information bookmarked digitally or physically.

How to write the task?

With all your information in one corner you now can move on to the writing process. This is divided into three stages:

Creating a thesis statement:

The thesis statement simply put is the central idea that you would be trying to convey in your research paper. It can also be your stance in the argument. Like every argument, you need to prove why you are more practical and your thesis statement facilitates that.

You need to ensure that your thesis statement is not unclear. It needs to be definitive so people can understand your view and possibly try to refute it. After you have written your thesis statement show it to a senior or fellow peer, take their opinion on if your thesis statement seems definitive.

Working on an easy-to-follow Outline:

If your instructor wants to see an outline, you must follow the requirements of the criteria. An outline is an overview of the structure of your essay. While you are in the process of outlining consider the variety of ways you can present an argument.

Going into the writing process:

You might feel you started very late. Do not worry. At this stage, you just have to present the information you meticulously collected and planned in an organized way. Do not worry about using the right words, grammatical errors or using quotes or statistics which were not credited on the reference page. You can do all of this at the end of the essay while revising your work.

Revising the essay:

This is the stage which can affect your essay most critically. The two stages of revising your work are:

Editing the ideas and grammar of the essay:

You must try to ensure that the ideas of your essay are as coherent as possible. Revisions would mean adding more detail or removing extra detail from these ideas to make them more palatable. Revising the structure of the paragraphs is another strong reminder.

For Grammar use apps like Grammarly which can make the text more presentable. Take breaks and come back to the essay if you are tired.

Remember to ask your friends, senior or any expert present to go through your essay before submission.

Proofreading and submission:

Once you have read the essay once or twice always remember to plan your submission a day before the deadline so you can avoid unprecedented delays.