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How to write a good essay conclusion

How to write a good essay conclusion

Writing a Good Essay Conclusion With The Cheapest Essay Writing Services

The conclusion of your essay is an important part of your essay, it serves to effectively summarize and evaluate the key points of your argument – it happens to leave quite a powerful lasting impression on the readers. In the end, when concluding your essay you should be able to invoke and engage the reader’s interest, intellectual capacities, and emotions as this is what makes them remember the core and the thesis of that essay.

It is no doubt that conclusions are rather the hardest parts to write in an essay but with cheapest essay writing services available online you can work with a lot of the resources available. When summing up all the points it is important to remember that you are not repeating yourself, pay close attention to the structure and tone of your essay.

How to Write a Conclusion

 In the conclusion paragraph, you have got to summarize your body of work, when writing your conclusion you have to keep referencing the main points of your argument. Another important correlation for ensuring a good conclusion paragraph is to write a spectacular introduction paragraph as they are in essence, made to give the first and the last impression of your work. Both of them should be of the same standard.

You can use the conclusion’s introductory lines as a guide for the entirety of the essay, by reframing the content present in the introduction. It does have to refer back, and thus it only makes sense. Moreover, if it is a paper of greater length (something that exceeds 15 pages) then it is wise to refer back to each of the body paragraphs, so that you may be reminded of your argument in the first place, not losing any flow to the tone and even the specificities of your research points and your talking points.

In addition to that, when writing down the conclusion another aspect (or rather trick) to consider is playing with the tone of the essay. When you are writing down the concussion make sure to wrap up the argument yes, but ensure that your essay asks valid and sufficient questions regarding your area of study. Give them something to think about, as the essay ends. This will show how you’ve put in thought to the essay.

The structure for a conclusion:

The conclusion in essence is the antithesis of an introduction paragraph. The introduction is set out as general and then gradually moves towards the details and the specifics of the argument, laying them down systemically. The conclusion, whereas, has to start out about the specific you were earlier addressing in your paper and then gradually move towards a generalized narrative and approach that ties up any loose ends of the essay that may remain. This is especially helpful if you have proofread your essay and are in the editing phase of the process. You are more prone to address the talking points solidly and then generalize them to a conclusive end. Consider the conclusion to actually just be a restatement of your antithesis.

What to Include in our Conclusion

 Your topic sentence should aim to summarize what your thesis statement said, this will suggest to your reader that the aim of your essay, the objective to present a certain argument has been fulfilled. It is however imperative that you DO NOT restate our thesis statement – but rather rephrase it in a way that provides a better a more clear understanding of your thesis statement. One that provides a comparative analysis of the essay itself.

Another thing, do not bring up any new ideas or hypotheses in the conclusion of your essay because it just sets out to make your essay look lackluster, and presenting any new ideas will require backing it up with novel evidence, which will just disrupt the body of your essay in totality. You can, however, bring up supporting hypotheses for the main points as this may help delve into a deeper context of your argument, as it may provide a more clear summary of your essay. On the off-chance that a brilliant idea does come to manifest itself while writing the conclusion, then just draw out a separate outline for that idea and re-edit it into the body of your essay. That, however, is not recommended if the idea is not concrete enough. Sometimes, it is also wise to leave some ideas out.

Lastly, the closing sentence of your essay should make the reader feel a sense of closure. The last sentence is supposed to hook in that core idea of the thesis and thus present the importance of those hypotheses, your perspective regarding the idea (both objective and subjective), and should shift them towards a new approach towards a certain idea. Regarding tone, the conclusion should ideally end on a logical, rational but positive note – one that promotes the idea and not states it out to be a dead end.

Make sure to return to the themes present in your essay for an effective conclusion, otherwise, the strategy to actually summarize the essay does not work. Using parallel concepts and hypotheses also work, if per say, are to reflect on your work by proposing a short, but valid counter-argument to your ideas. But this should not be more than a few lines in your conclusion. It should aim to support the thesis, not draw completely away from it. This will project to the reader of the essay that you have an objective and rational framework regarding this paper that considers both the black and the white of the argument – it is just a paper in the end. One that you are writing as a student of a subject. You do have the capacity to be inaccurate on certain points.

Lastly, suggest the results and findings that you’ve accomplished in this paper and the consequences of those findings. This will help to complete the conclusion and thus you are set. Just get to writing and ace that paper.