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How to write a computer science essay

How to write a computer science essay

Helping you Write a Top-Notch Computer Science Essay

If you are a Computer Science major, you are bound to be given computer science essay writing tasks. To write these essays well and ace the assignment there are certain steps you must follow.

How a planned approach helps you write a better essay?

The steps are divided into three groups.

Namely: preparation, writing and editing. Each of the steps in these groups helps create an essay that is structurally sound and coherently helps get ideas across. Understanding this approach and then applying it helps create an essay that can simplify complex ideas which are easy to follow.

Planning the task:

You must have a framework to follow before you start writing the essay. Take your time at this stage.

Understand the criteria of the assessment:

You need to understand how your instructor is going to mark you. A strong understanding of the assessment criteria will help you create an essay framework that meets the requirement of the task.

Take your time with your research:

The urge to start writing as soon as possible is normal. However, if your research process is hampered by this urge and affects your essay that can drop your grade. Taking an organized approach to do research is very important.

You must begin with skimming the information available and saving whatever parts you feel are relevant.

After that whatever factual information you select. Make sure it has verifiable references. Your research also gives you background on what keywords are relevant and can help you write a good computer science essay. You must use these keywords to find more sources on academic databases this gives your essay a very developed level of authenticity.

You are writing an essay for computer science, remember that the world is changing and new information is always available on different websites. Your essay should use this information to give a fresh take to your instructor.

Formatting your collected research:

You must make sure to cite all the sources at the end of your essay. This can be represented by a bibliography at the end of the essay. The bibliography represents how you depicted the information in your essay. You must remember all claims and arguments you present in the essay must be reinforced by factual information, statistics and secondary information. All of these sources influence your ideas and opinions hence they should be credited for necessary context.

How to begin writing the task?

A strong thesis statement and a well-rounded outline are two critical elements that make writing the essay fairly easy.

Creating a thesis statement:

The thesis statement presents the main notion of your idea or argument in the essay. Particularly for a computer science, essay particular techniques can also be used to showcase technical efforts like designs, evaluation of systems, technological specifications and theories. Your thesis statement should also justify why you are using this particular approach.

Your thesis statement needs to be clear and definitive. An incoherent thesis statement means that it cannot be argued. This is not ideal. After completing your thesis statement show it to someone else who can critique it.

Creating a solid outline:

An outline is the overall structure of the essay. While outlining for the essay you must remember how you can improve the presentation of your argument. If you are required to show your outline to your instructor, remember to create it according to the requirements of the criteria.

Starting to write the essay:

Everyone feels they started very late with the writing process. That is not true. When you are done with researching, creating a thesis statement and an outline for your essay. You need to fill in the rest of the dots.

Try to include diagrams in the essay which can elevate the content of your essay. Tailor the content of your essay when you place these diagrams they make your essay more interactive.

You must also ensure not to use too many diagrams this can give your essay a bad outlook.

Another facet to consider is using “concluded results”. When you have available raw data, gauge the results and extract results primarily from observations that you make. Remember to use an appropriate number of decimal places as well. It is reminded that the presentation is significant.

Refrain from using analogies, quotations, puns and anecdotes. They add unnecessary detail which often at times does not pertain to the topic.

At this point do not worry about the writing style, improving the delivery of the words, removing grammatical mistakes and quoting statistics on the reference page. You can solve these problems once you are done with the essay.

Editing your essay

This is the stage which is very important and can affect your grade drastically.

Editing the ideas and content of the essay:

You must try to make sure that the ideas present in your essay are as clear as they can be. Revisions would mean adding another layer of detail or removing some of this detail from these ideas to make them more presentable.

Consider how revising the structure of the paragraphs can contribute to solidifying certain concrete ideas present in your essay. Certain points deserve more limelight, presenting them in another paragraph can give them the exposure to improve the overall idea that your essay is trying to convey. This improves the quality of your work dramatically.

Removing punctuation and grammatical errors:

For correcting grammatical errors use language correcting software, like Grammarly, which can make the content better. Occasionally take breaks and come back to the essay whenever you feel the draft needs further improvement.

Try also considering asking your peers, seniors or any expert that is willing to help you to improve your essay.


Once you have read the essay once or twice, remember it is fine to edit and improve your essay until you are not satisfied.


Try to plan your submission a day before the instructor’s deadline so you can avoid unexpected delays.